Monday, June 24, 2013

Love, Hugs, and Wishes

As I sit preparing my blog for my months of travel, I am racked with a vicious bout of nerves. I am truly terrified at this moment that I won't be able to handle 3 months away from home to start, followed by 6 months away. Lord, calm my nerves. I yearn to be in the presence of my family right now so that I can forget my worries and be soothed by their presence. But instead of my blood relatives, I am blessed with the presence of my best friend Laura at the moment. I am beyond glad that she is going with me to England because if pre-trip nerves are like this, then I can't imagine how homesick I'll become later. I foresee at least a few breakdowns at the loss of familial presence in my year to come. I am also soothed by the Lord's presence and the immense impact He will have on my life this next year. In all honesty, though, I can honestly say I will really miss my family. A lot. My mom always asks my sisters and I if we'll miss her while we are away or when she is gone on business trips. We always roll our eyes and give answers of assent because you always miss the absence of your mother, but I know this will be different. Mom, if you are reading this (which I know you will eventually), I miss you like crazy and I'm not even gone yet. I miss your hugs that never end and your desire for me to be my best. I miss my best friends and sisters, Mikaela and Elise, and their crazy antics that I can't help but love and laugh at. And I miss my daddy and his total willingness to help me with art and room improvement projects. And I miss our crazy dance sessions in the garage when no one else is around. I know the next three months hold many of these situations, and I will cherish them like crazy. I love you guys.

Father in heaven, help me to yearn for you like I yearn for my family during the long months away.