Tuesday, August 27, 2013

New Packaging

I hate goodbyes. It is truly the worst thing in the world. Today I was forced to say goodbye to one of my best friends, Carly. She is one of those friends that goes beyond a friend. I am truly blessed by her. Our friendship has been full of fun, silliness, and love. She has become like a third sister to me. She wrote me a note that said, "I think God didn't make us sisters because our mothers couldn't handle us." But I am so grateful He gave her to me as a best friend.

The Bible says that the Lord gives and the Lord takes away. That is a hard concept to grasp... I mean, if He blesses us with something, or someone, why can't we hang on to them forever? But I have come to realize this: God never takes a blessing away forever. Carly, along with all my other loved ones, are alive and well and I thank God for that. I may be an ocean away for awhile, but the Lord is working on a new blessing for me. For one, He is working out the wi-fi problems at Capernwray so I can remain in better contact with my loved ones. So, it appears on the outside that my blessing of contact with my loved ones is being taken from me, but in reality I'm just receiving it in a new package.

Now I just have to rely on God to remind me of this when it comes time to leave my family, and that he would keep me patient in the interim while my friends begin their new adventures and I wait. But I won't say goodbye. That is a permanent farewell, and I will see all my friends and family soon. So, I leave them with a see you soon.