Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Fabulously British

Me oh my... It has been ages since I last posted! In all honesty, I had issues coming up with what to post about. Last night my aunt gave me a Jack Wills shirt (a very "in" brand over in England) and it says on the back "Fabulously British Seasonaire." It's adorable, and I am officially Britishly fashionable. Sweet!
But, my new shirt is not the reason I logged onto my blog and started typing. I decided to post because, in exactly 10 weeks, I will be stepping off a plane and onto English soil. I am fabulously excited! And also ridiculously nervous.

Here is why I am excited:

Who wouldn't be excited about going to school in ENGLAND?!
For my year of Christ-centered lessons and ensuing life
Because I will get a chance to see and do things I would normally never have the chance to
For new culture
New friends
New food
New places
And because I know that this is God's plan beyond a shadow of a doubt. And that is completely awesome.

And I am nervous because:

There will be no family
No comforts of home (like cookies and alone time and my bed)
And because I have not even started getting ready! Well, I have, but minimally. I don't have proper luggage or sufficient cool weather clothing or a credit card. Or a plane ticket for that matter! Basically, I have a lot to do and 10 weeks seems long now but I know it won't for much longer. I just hope that becoming fabulously British doesn't mean going fabulously insane in the process... ;)