Friday, September 13, 2013

DIY Bunting/Photo Line

Alright my little Do-It-Yourselfers, here's a new one. Bunting. If you are unfamiliar with bunting, it is commonly known today as strings of colorful triangles of fabric (or paper). They are then hung up as decoration for parties or just because. I think it is a very adorable decoration that goes with most any decor. It can be used to spice up a plain wall, or as a fun decoration in a bedroom. And if you use this DIY guide, it can be a quick and easy project that will last for a long time.

*Photo courtesy of Google Images*

What you will need is:

  1. Colored paper (I had a pad of 6" squares of scrapbooking paper that I bought from Target for $6 and used. It came with some 50+ sheets. I had lots left over.)
  2. Twine/Ribbon/String to string your bunting onto
    • You will need 1 foot of string for every 2 triangles of bunting if you make bunting that is 6 inches across the top. (i.e. I have 17 triangles that measure 6" across the top, and used 9 feet of string)
  3. Scissors
  4. Ruler
  5. Hole punch
  6. *optional* photos
  7. *optional* clothes pins
Step one: So, first you need to decide how big you want your bunting to be. I had 6 inch squares so I made them that length along the top so as to minimize excess cutting. If you have rectangular paper, though, and you do not wish to make them into squares, you will just end up with bunting that is slightly longer.

Step two: Alright, once you have your paper, you can grab your first sheet and find the center point on the bottom edge. I opted for ease, so I just matched up the bottom corners and made a small crease.

Step three: Then, you line your ruler up with center point at the bottom and one of the top corners. Draw a line. (Note: If you don't want a line on the side of the paper that will show, flip the paper over when drawing lines.) Repeat with the opposite top corner.

Step four: Next, grab your scissors and cut out your triangle. Repeat until you have your desired amount of triangles.

Step five: After all your triangles have been cut out, you will need your hole punch. Punch two holes. Both about an inch inside each top corner. 

Step six: Now, use your twine/ribbon/etc. to string all the triangles together.

Step seven and eight: Hang bunting. *Optional* use your photos and clothespins to clip photos in between triangles (you could also substitute paper clips).

And your bunting should look something like this!
As you can see, I did put photos on my strand, but it was just as cute without.

I'm a little bunting crazy so I embellished my bunting with bunting. :)

My beautiful sisters and I.

If you really love my twine and want to use the same, I purchased hemp from Ben Franklin. It can also be found at most any store that carries craft/jewelry supplies.

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