Thursday, October 16, 2014

6 Two Step DIYs

Alright, you busy bees, here's a list of DIYs that are a sweet and simple two steps. From hair pins to trinket holders, you can do it all in fifteen minutes or less!

1) Bobby Pin Holder

These mini Altoid boxes are available at most stores. All you have to do for this DIY is eat the Altoids and then replace them with your bobby pins. A delicious project that will put some organisation back into that messy hair accessory drawer.

2) Garland

Okay, for this one you'll need a shape hole punch and paint chips (the free ones from your nearest home improvement store are perfect). I went with a flower like the one pictured above but stars are cute too. Any shape you like works. Now, take the paint chips and punch out a bunch of shapes. How many you punch depends on how long you want your garland to be. Now take a needle and thread and string the punch outs on. You can string them on with one hole for the shapes to be parallel or you can use two holes and the shapes will hang horizontally.

3) Photo Wall

Gather up all those old photographs and a roll of tape and get to getting! You can leave gaps like I did or make a solid wall. Try using plaques like the one of the Eiffel Tower in mine or paintings or framed photos to break it up and make it more interesting. (Tip: The Walgreens app allows you to print photos right from Facebook or Instagram, and if you print from Instagram they'll print as 4x4's) Check out my DIY Bunting post to learn how to make bunting like mine!

4) Signature Book

Alright, you all are so crafty that a lame notebook is definitely not cool enough for people to sign at graduations or goodbye parties. Pick up one of these books and have your friends and family sign it for you when you leave high school, go to study abroad, move away, or embark on any new chapter of life.

5) Travel Tracking Board

This one is for all who have the travel bug. My best friend bought me a large world map and a bulletin board (same size or larger than the map). All I did from there was tape the map on, grab some pins and put one colour pin in the places I have been, and another colour in the places I still want to go. Hang it on your wall and all your friends will be so impressed with how cultured you are.

6) Trinket Holder

Soup can plus twine or lace or paper or duct tape or decoupaged magazine clippings equals one cool pencil holder. Or tooth brush holder or paper clip holder or...well you get the gist.

I hope you enjoyed these! Leave questions or comments below. If you're looking for other DIY projects, check out the others on my DIY page.

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