Monday, September 30, 2013


You see me
You know me
You love me through and through

What beautiful song lyrics to comfort on the first night in a very new place. I will admit, it is incredibly hard to be here. At my aunt's house I felt more at home, as is expected. You feel safe in a place where you know others. Having that safeness stripped leaves you with such a raw and exposed feeling. I am comforted immensely by the similar feelings around me and the expectation of great miracles in the lives around me and my own. It helps to know that love can span oceans. It's nice to think about the sweet reunions later. And it's certainly awesome to think about the many friends I will make. I am so glad that God sees my sorrow and catches the tears that fall. I totally understand why God is able to move so well here. Separated from family and friends, you really fall back on God. You rely on Him to catch and hold you. When I was sad, I found mind reeling with who I could turn to. Laura is in another building, my roommates don't know me, so I was left with God. It's funny how we always turn to other humans. And even funnier how they can't comfort us even a tiny bit like God can. Yet, we still tend to look towards other earthly companions first. But God is the ultimate comforter. And He forever will be.

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